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我希望用我的实际行动来证明 英文翻译

翻译如下 它更需要用实际行动去证明 It needs more to be proved by actual action

这样说 to prove my capability (ability) by real action

实际行动 practical action

您好,很高兴为您解答! 您可以这样说“ Use your practical action to prove your love for him ”。 真心希望能帮到您,如果满意请及时采纳,谢谢!

if i am hired by your company ,i will show you my capacity with actual deeds and live up to your expectation. 我觉得这样比较好,虽然跟远距有点出入。

i will feed back the companywith my practical work. 前面几位把“回报”翻译成return to 这样一来的意思是:我会用实际行动“回到”公司。意思满拧!!

Dear fifi, i can't think you would love me, i will make concrete action to prove to you my true love

精诚所至,金石为开。 Faith will move mountains.或者 It will work when you're committed to make it work. 我将用实际行动打动你的心 I will use real/practical actions to move/open your heart.或者 I'll move/open your heart with real...

Everyone must protect their homes, let us with real action to make their homes more beautiful now!

People are individuals. Because different from the others, and is special, so that each of them are special. The world never the same two people, regardless of how two people under similar growth in their hearts on physiologica...

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