I am an potential orginal,outgoing,sincere,and optimistic,with pretty good ability of regulization and organization as well as of adaping to environment quickly and fine communication.Moreover,team activities is my pleasure ti...

回复 [huí fù] [释义] reply; answer; restore; return; reversion; respond [例句] 1.北京市政府官员没有回复记者的置评请求。 Beijing city officials didn't respond to requests to comment. 2.苹果没有回复记者要求置评的电话。 Apple didn...

make an comment on sth.

I am self-confidence, self-discipline, responsibility, pay attention to team spirit, and hard working. Although I don't have enough work experience, I am not afraid of tired. I can use my heart and sweat to accumulate more and ...

Get(或者Show,Give) me a twitter(英语版的说说) whose comments are all in English.


3C,4A。3:不仅仅是年轻人,老人也开始对微信感兴趣了。4: 我不记得我昨天把书放哪了

Titanicis a 1997 American epic romantic disaster film directed

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