自我评价 self-assessment 或:self-evaluation

self appraisal,self assessment或者self evaluation都可以 满意请采纳,谢谢

自我评价 词典 evaluation 进行自我评价向来很难。 Self-appraisal is never easy.

Self appraisement

自我评价: 英语: Self-assessment 例如: He made self-assessment for his quartly objective.

自我评价 [词典] evaluation; [例句]进行自我评价向来很难。 Self-appraisal is never easy.

I am an potential orginal,outgoing,sincere,and optimistic,with pretty good ability of regulization and organization as well as of adaping to environment quickly and fine communication.Moreover,team activities is my pleasure ti...

个人评价中 Personal evaluation

English Self-evaluation 具有较强的学习能力,肯学,好学;对待事物有耐心,有毅力,有恒心 性格稳重,办事认真谨慎,责任心强,能吃苦耐劳;具有较强的抗压能力,良好的团队合作精神及较强的沟通能力 I have the ability to learn quickly and...

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