make comments 作出评价

to evaluate something, to assess something, to comment on sth, to analyze sth. to score sth. etc.

make a comment on/about sth/sb 或者直接使用comment的动词形态:comment on sth, comment that ... 如果不喜欢用 comment,也可用 remark 来替换哈(除了带从句外,其余的都可以)。

Service evaluation

对 作出评价 To make an appraisal...for sth

不屑一顾 think little of 1. 不重视;认为…没有价值 2. 对…不以为然 3. 轻视,不重视;认为…没什么了不起 4. 对…满不在乎(或毫不犹豫),对…毫不踌躇;对…不加思考(或思索考虑) 你可以这样记:想的少的,表示我都不想占用我的脑存去想你,就是轻...

评价机制_百度翻译 评价机制 [网络] assessment mechanism; assessment system; evaluation system; [例句]当前中国学术评价体系中存在一定的混乱现象,需要建立相应的元评价机制来加以引导和规范。 There is a demand for meta-evaluation mech...

Lu Xun is my favourite writer.He is one of the most famous writers in China.He wrote a lot of literary works. He was thin and not tall.He always wore a long old coat in that time.At first,he wanted to be a doctor and save peopl...

评价系统 [词典] [计] evaluation system; [例句]通过大样本数据对网络的训练,形成了有识别和记忆功能的非线性预测和评价系统。 Through training the network using large sample data, a non-linear forecasting system with identifiable an...

用英语评价别人的表现可以这么说: Mature, dynamic and honest.思想成熟、精明能干、为人诚实。 Excellent ability of systematical management.有极强的系统管理能力。 Ability to work independent1y, mature and resourceful. 能够独立工...

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